Easy SEO Tips for Atlanta Companies

When trying to understand all of the nuances of search engine optimization, one can easily get confused and stuck in paralysis by analysis. Throughout this post, I’ll explain exactly what you need to do to optimize your website, both on-page and off, to overtake your competition in the search engines. In this example, I’ll be using Atlanta’s metropolitan area as a point of reference.

Keep in mind that every city throughout the United States is different. Finding quality information is great, but doing your own testing and putting forth the work required is really what your going to need to do before you see any results at all.

The Basics of Atlanta SEO

If you were to search for any local service in Atlanta, you’re going to find out that all of the companies whose websites show up on page one of the search results have had those sites worked over by an Atlanta SEO company. A lot of them have utilized the services of a company called “Force Boost” as this company is deemed the best in the market. However, many players are in the game and a lot of them have some great insight.

Here’s some of the basics.

First of all, you need to make sure that during your keyword research, you find out all of the possible phrases that people are searching for online. Then put those in a spreadsheet and be sure to note the search volume of each of those terms.

According to one Atlanta SEO company, you should then try to separate them into specific categories. These are going to correspond to separate pages on your website. You aren’t going to try and rank one page for all of them. It just doesn’t work that way.

Once you have your website planned out, be  sure that your biggest keywords are in the title of the page, the url structure itself, and in the body of the text. The text should read naturally and you shouldn’t try to ‘game’ the system. All of the search engines know if someone is trying to push out keyword stuffed content. They don’t reward you for that. Keep your keyword density to below 3%.

Another thing that Atlanta business owners need to keep in mind in regards to proper SEO, is to figure out what your viewers are looking for and speak to him or her directly. Ultimately, utilizing search engine optimization techniques is all about getting more sales. It’s about getting your products or services in front of consumers. If you’re able to do that, then you’re only half the way there. Your website has to convert viewers into actual buyers.

Conversion can take a lot of split testing to really get right, but just keep the idea of this in mind when building out your website, doing social media marketing, keyword research, and anything SEO related. If you do, you’ll find a lot more success than other business owners who are trying to take shortcuts. There are no shortcuts in search engine optimization. There’s only proper planning and hard work ahead. You can do it!